Open of pool

Winter cover removed and placed somewhere to dry

Our own filtration pump is used to to vaccum pool

all pipework is reconnected and bungs placed back where they need to go

Electric switched back on and with filter in recirculate everything is switched on

All plant checked for leaks or faults while system is running Repairs carried out if needed

Backwash carried out to filter/ clean of cartridge filters

Water tested and pH adjusted Algaecide and shock added according to user guidelines*

Summer cover unwraped and cleaned if necessary but left off pool/ automatic covers tested

Pool copings cleaned with chlorine mixture pool surround swept

Pool heating turned on and tested/ left on or off as requested

Timers set Winter cover folded and stored away

Pool surface netted Area left safe and customer informed of completion

Close of pool

Summer cover brushed and rolled of pool.

Covered with solar protector sheet**

Filter backwashed for prolonged period of time

Check for leaks/faults and record for repair (same day or on open)

Own filtration pump set up to clean pool and drain rouglhy 4 inches below skimmer mouth

With pump circulating into pool pH adjusted Shock and algaecide added*

Filtration switched off and any available unions disconnected and bungs undone

Gas/oil lines isolated and boilers drained

Timers switched off and all electric isolated to filtration system

Copings cleaned with chlorine mix surface of pool netted Ice breakers added to pool

Returns bunged if necessary Winter cover fitted and area left safe

Customer informed of completion

Prices start from £120 + chemicals

*This step is skipped if pool is run on salt chlorination and non chlorine shock will be used if requested.

**Use existing sheet if available or can be provided with a charge